Tuesday 24 May 2011

Inaugral Discussion Sessions

The South African Arts Writers and Critics Association (SAAWCA) will present its inaugural Discussion Sessions at the Goethe Institut on June 11 from 10am to 2.30pm.

The Discussion Sessions will include the following topics:

1)      Taking the Temperature: The State of Arts Criticism in South Africa
2)      High versus Low: The Impact of Celebrity Culture on Arts Reporting
3)      The Final Frontier: Developing new models of arts criticism and reporting for the internet 

Among the panellists and chairs presenting at the Discussion Sessions are Robert Greig, Chris Thurman, Brooks Spector, Gwen Ansell, Leon de Kok, Edward Tsumele, Bongani Madondo, Diane Coetzer and Michael Smith. 

The emphasis is on eliciting dialogue among members that will inform the association’s future schemes and agendas.

Where: The Auditorium at the Goethe Institut, 119 Jan Smuts Avenue
Parkwood, Johannesburg. 011-442-3232

RSVP: Please notify SAAWCA of your attendance  criticsassoc@gmail.com

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